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3 April 2001

I am a Kiwi (no not the small brown skinned fruit, Kiwi is what a New Zealander is known as) living in the States and after speaking to people over here and realising that little is known about New Zealand, I thought I would try and make a page on New Zealand that is comprehensive regarding information for the prospective visitor or just for the curious.

Menu of Pages on this Site
Page 2 - Welcome to New Zealand
Page 3 - Plant and Wildlife - a brief description with pics
Page 4 - Fresh Water and Sea Life - a brief description with pics
Page 5 - Regions - North Island - a brief description of the regions in the
         North Island with pics
Page 6 - Regions - South Island - a brief description of the regions in the
         South Island with pics
Page 7 - Visitor Information - Important information that every prospective
         visitor to NZ needs to know
Page 8 - Visitor Information - General information for the visitor
Page 9 - Sport and Recreation - Information on what is available for the
         visitor for a relaxing or action packed vacation.
Page 10 - Kiwi Cuisine - A look at the types of food available in
         New Zealand
Page 11 - Where to Eat - A look at the types of eateries in New Zealand
Page 12 - Links - NZ related and non-related links
Awards - Awards that I have been presented for this page

I have included the facility of Sending a Greeting Card with New Zealand scenes for you to use to send to your loved ones or friends on the net. You will be able to send one on Page 3.

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