New Zealand offers just about any sport or recreation acitivity that you can think of. If you are an outdoors person the opportunities are endless. Water sports of all kinds, fishing, tramping, camping, bushwalking, mountain climbing to name a few. Even though New Zealand is a small country it is known worldwide in the sports of sailing, rugby, cricket and netball.

The sport that New Zealand would be most well known for is Rugby. The national team is the All Blacks and are classed as, if not the top in the world, in the top five. Youngsters in New Zealand start playing rugby at the age of 5 through to any age.
Soccer and rugby league are also played and would have about the same following as rugby by the youngsters. As they grow older they usually have a go at soccer, rubgy or league and then decide on their preference usually by their expertise in any of the sports. Cricket is also played by youngsters, usually in schools, from the age of 10 or 11. The national cricket team is called The Black Caps.
New Zealanders have done very well in the sport of international sailing competitions, the latest and the one that is most notable is the Americas Cup. This was vied for by international teams again in the year 2000 and was based in Auckland, sailed for in the Hauraki Gulf and won again by New Zealand.

Netball is a sport that is played internationally by women and can be played indoors or outdoors. The school competitions for netball are usually always played outdoors.

Water sports in New Zealand are abundant. You do not have to travel far to get to a beach, lake or river to indulge in whatever water sport takes your fancy. Water skiing, jetskiing, speedboating, sailing, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and of course, fishing. The opportunities for water activities are just about endless. As I have said before, New Zealand is a fisherman's paradise regardless of what type of fishing you prefer. Surfcasting, kite fishing, boat fishing whether it be in a dinghy or deep sea fishing, trout fishing and salmon fishing in the South Island.

If you like tramping or just a nice stroll through the bush, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so in New Zealand. One of the most well known tramping/hiking tracks in New Zealand is the Milford Track in the Fiordland National Park. There are 13 national parks that offer the tramper plenty of satisfaction, whether it be scenic or the wish to see the native plant and wildlife of New Zealand.

Camping is a popular pastime of all New Zealanders. It is not unusual for the family to pack up and go camping for 3 weeks at Christmas. Yes they have Christmas in a tent, caravan or cabin. I had 15 years of having Christmas in a tent and it was a wonderful way of having Christmas. There are camping grounds by beaches, lakes and rivers, in cities and towns, in the bush areas. Most camping grounds have showering, cooking and toilet facilities. A number of camping grounds offer the facility of cabins where all you have to have is your bedding and it is a great and inexpensive way of touring New Zealand if you prefer to use a car instead of an RV. If you like roughing it, there are camping grounds that supply toilets and running water and nothing else and you pay a nominal fee of approximately $10.00 per night. These are mainly run by DOC (Department of Conservation).

There is snow aplenty and all snow activities are available for the skier, snowboarder or for anyone who loves the snow. As I have mentioned previously there are 3 main ski fields in New Zealand, but there are more ski fields for the people who like to have space when at the snow. Whakapapa, New Zealand's largest ski field on the slopes of Ruapehu in the North Island offers everything that a visitor to the snow could want.

The sport of Bungy Jumping as it it known today was created in New Zealand and this is available for the brave in the North and South Islands. Where the bungy jumping sites are located, usually in what the Kiwi's call, the back blocks, will also offer the visitor some breathtaking views of native bush, rivers and rapids and the bush birdlife.

I hope I have been able to give you an idea of the possibilites for sport and recreation for you if you are thinking of visiting this clean, green and friendly country. Especially if you are looking for an action packed vacation.

For the visitor who is looking for a relaxing touring vacation vacation New Zealand offers nothing better.



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